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Officer resigns over ganja

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A police officer resigned last week at the request of the Commissioner of Police (COP), after he was found with marijuana at the police headquarters.{{more}}

At press time, COP Keith Miller was out of state and Deputy COP Bertie Pompey confirmed that an incident took place and the officer involved was in fact asked to resign, and did.

“It was disappointing,” Pompey told SEARCHLIGHT, without going into details about the incident.

The information reaching us is that the officer had been a member of the police force for seven years. On the day in question, he was supervising prisoners who were performing cleaning duties at the Police Headquarters.

Sources told SEARCHLIGHT that a small quantity of marijuana fell from the officer’s pocket when he reached into his pocket for something.

Ironically, the incident unfolded in the presence of the Commissioner of Police.

SEARCHLIGHT could not confirm whether or not criminal charges will be pressed against the disgraced officer, following his resignation.(KJ)