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Horne wins with Courts Accumulator

Horne wins with Courts Accumulator

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Nerissa Horne now has a Caribbean cruise to look forward to; just part of her winnings in the third draw of the Courts Accumulator promotions.{{more}}

Horne, from the village of Chauncey on the Leeward end of the island, not only walked away with the trip for two, but in the process also won $5,000 in jewelry and free grocery for an entire year.

The elated Courts customer informed Searchlight that she had purchased a living room set only two weeks ago, and had not imagined that she would be this fortunate.

She indicated that she is looking forward to claiming her prizes, especially the jewelry from Voyager, and grocery compliments C.K. Greaves.

Horne said that she is looking forward to her Caribbean cruise, which she intends to take along with her husband.

In the Courts accumulator draw, customers get a chance to win the same items as the previous winner plus an additional prize.

In the next draw, which takes place in December, the winner will take away jewelry, a cruise and free grocery, along with a $20,000 investment fund. The final draw in January 2009 will see the winner receiving all of the above, plus $50,000.

In September, Agnes Browne was the winner of the $5,000 jewelry prize, while Laurie Grecia won jewelry and one year’s grocery in October. (JJ)