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Fashion designers representing SVG

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Seven Vincentian designers are this week showcasing their talent on an international platform as they participate in the Islands of the World Fashion Week which is taking place in the Bahamas from November 2 – 10.{{more}}

The Vincentian delegation, the second largest taking part, includes: Karen DeFreitas-Fraser, Kimon Baptiste, Ingrid John (Natural Beats), Lisa Cordice, Deb E. Barbour, Tamiko Browne (Tami B) and Kimya Glasgow.

All designers will be featured in international trade magazines, style columns of newspapers and journals, and will give interviews for regional, international and syndicated television networks.

Hosted by Mode Iles Ltd. on the islands of Nassau and Paradise Island, the Fashion Week aims to “…bring together designers of both clothing and accessories in a showcase of rich culture and creativity from island states of the world.” (JSV)