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ROC on Taiwan presents scholarship cheques to students

ROC on Taiwan presents scholarship cheques to students

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Viclene Matthews 31.OCT.08

The Republic of China on Taiwan has once again extended a hand of generosity and awarded scholarships to several of our students.{{more}}

194 primary, 97 secondary and 14 post secondary students collected their cheques at a ceremony held at the Peace Memorial Hall on Tuesday, October 21st.

Stating that even though his country is “facing stringent economic changes”, Ambassdor Leo C.J. Lee said that his Embassy was able to continue the scholarship programme, which officially ended last year. He, however, disclosed that funds for next year’s scholarship programme are “still not in sight”. However, the Ambassador gave the assurance that his Embassy will do its best to find the resources needed for the scholarships next year.

The Ambassador said that the programme, which started in September 1997 has been a success. He declared that the programme has touched the lives of over 1,000 students, achieving its original purpose of “elevating the quality of education of the students in St Vincent and the Grenadines”.

He congratulated the winners of the scholarships and urged them to never give up on their education because it is the only way “to empower you towards progress and prosperity”.

Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan told the students that it is very important for them to upgrade their skills and knowledge. She assured them that if they do, they would be able to “seize every opportunity” that becomes available to them.

Dougan also appealed to the students to strive to do their best in their studies. The Chief encouraged the 302 students present to “develop your creative and innovative skills, and you must be determined to explore new ideas”. She thanked the Embassy of Taiwan for their kindness and stated that their “tangible efforts are facilitating a stronger and more vibrant nation; our people would enjoy a good life because of your contribution and generosity.” (VM)