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Rev. Daniel tells of his battles with evil spirits

Rev. Daniel tells of his battles with evil spirits

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by Leslie-Anna C. Joseph 31.OCT.08

He appeared a bit short in stature but when he spoke, he was as powerful a minister as the great Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Rev. Kelly Daniel hails from St. Lucia. He was the minister chosen to speak at the three nights of Missionary Convention 2008 held from October 24th to 26th, at the Hope for Life Restoration Ministries, Arnos Vale.{{more}}

“Bringing greetings to all from heaven where the Father is well, the Son is perfect and the Holy Ghost is good,” said Rev. Kelly who is a missionary to Albania. He was able to capture the audience’s full attention as most of his preaching was done by sharing breathtaking, real experiences while serving in Albania.

According to Kelly, he left St. Lucia for Albania in 1990. Albania was a communist and atheist nation then – closed to Christians for 50 years and open to Muslims for 500 years. He described the nation as backward, as there was no soap powders, no toothpaste, toothbrushes or other basic supplies such as canned foods. The minister said God brought him through it all for the good. He said that the fact that he was the first black man to be seen by most Albanians worked out to his advantage.

Kelly reminded Christians that when God calls, he provides and sustains for you. He also advised the audience that God is not looking for talent nor skill, but for availability and a heart.

Kelly told stories of being shot at many times, confronted by gypsies, hearing horses running around his house, but seeing none when he looked outside, seeing spirits eating baked bread, opening fridge doors, choosing to eat only expensive chocolate, not being afraid of the name of Jesus nor the symbol of the cross nor the Bible, seeing women turned into chickens, frogs and other animals, to having a bomb placed at his home. He said these things only led him, his family and the church to seek a greater level of anointing and not run away as the devil hoped for.

Despite all of this, Rev. Daniel has ministered in Albania for 14 years. He encouraged believers to take the step to help save the world. Christians were also reminded that even if they at times feel rejected, God loves using the rejected, the outcast ones because He has a plan for everyone. The minister said that nothing or no one will stop the gospel from being fulfilled, for if God once used a donkey and a rooster to speak to man He can do it again.

Today, Rev. Daniel and family own a great church, a business and have a game ground next to the church where the unsaved come to play pool, soccer, basketball and get saved. He said everything is as a result of blessings from God. Rev. Kelly says whatever he needs, he asks of God and he receives it, and said he always asked for too little, especially in the area of finances. The minister also said he walked into communities where neither Christians nor the Police dared enter, not because he’s any different, but because he believes, knows and trusts the God he talks about.

Kelly encouraged his audience to set their goals high, even though they may not go where the path may lead, they can leave a trail so others can follow.

Rev. Kelly also urged believers not to limit themselves in talent or ability or importance in this life as one’s weakness is God’s strength.