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Plans already underway for Independence 2009

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Plans are already being made for Independence celebrations next year.

Word of this came from Minister of Culture René Baptiste as she addressed the Schools’ Independence Rally on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at Victoria Park.{{more}}

“From today, we start our preparations for our 30th anniversary of independence… it is my wish to see a solid representation from all 69 primary schools, 23 secondary schools and multi purpose centres,” the Minister said.

She envisions Victoria Park to be packed with 30,000 school children and asked the Ministry of Education to help with the mobilization of the students so that they can have the opportunity to pay tribute to their country.

Baptiste, the chairperson for the National Independence Committee, said the rally is where the schools pay tribute to the nation in sound, music and dance and where those students who have done “excellent things throughout their years at school” are honored.

Baptiste stated that although we had some “slow down and stoppages” this year, she is hoping that next year’s rally would be much better. (VM)