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Former inmate urges youths not to follow the wrong path

Former inmate urges youths not to follow the wrong path

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Former Prison inmate Randolph Johnson is sending a message to young people to stay out of prison!{{more}}

Johnson, who served two and a half years behind bars for gun possession, was released from prison earlier this year and says he has since changed his life.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, Johnson said that being a prisoner at Her Majesty’s Prisons is a living hell that everyone should try to avoid.

Although not subjected to some of the harsh treatment dished out by the prison officials to other inmates there, Johnson said witnessing it is just as bad. “De turn key (Prison Officers) dem ain’t have no respect for the prisoners,” Johnson noted.

Johnson said while serving his time, he occupied most of his days by reading books and studying the word of Islam. The Redemption Sharpes man stated the country is taking a turn for the worse and with the prisons being overcrowded, it serves as a breeding ground for criminals. “I advise the youth not to get involved in crime and start listening to your parents in order to get a good education,” Johnson urged.

Now a baker, Johnson said that too many teenagers are locked away and nothing is being done to help with their rehabilitation. He said that a juvenile detention centre should be built to house young persons who breach the law. “So many young people come into jail and go out as harden criminals because there is no system to deal with these kind of issues,” he added.

Johnson also sees the need for prisoners to start educating themselves while serving time so they can be equipped to earn their place back in society. Johnson said he also wants prison officers to have more respect for prisoners and for prisoners to be provided with better medical treatment.

Vowing never to go back to prison, Johnson stated that most of his spare time is now spent playing soccer and in horticultural pursuits.(KW)