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PM endorses Obama

PM endorses Obama

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Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves is endorsing Barack Obama for President of the United States.{{more}}

“I will say this to our American brothers who are here. I don’t mind being undiplomatic and saying Ralph Gonsalves supports Barack Obama,” said Dr.Gonsalves on Wenesday, at the official opening of the National Insurance Services building.

Dr.Gonsalves said he has friends and relatives living in the United States and has explained to them why they should support Obama.

“I am not interested in Obama’s Health Policy. I am not interested in his Economy Policy. I am interested in Obama’s leadership because the policies may shift here or there,” said Dr.Gonsalves adding that Obama is a man of good sense and nature.

“He has a remarkable quality. He just doesn’t simply inspire people. Senator McCain also inspires people but Obama does something different. He draws out of people that which is good and noble in them, and to draw out of them that which is good and noble, which the people themselves do not as yet know that they possess,” said Dr.Gonsalves.

“That is why he has been able to get persons who normally would not want to vote for an African American.He has gotten into their mind and soul and he has looked at them and they themselves. He has touched their goodness and even the contradiction which exist in them they have to allow their good ness to triumph over that negative contradiction.

“And that is why I support him. Leadership,” Dr.Gonsalves sighed.(HN)