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‘Shorn should be put to death’

‘Shorn should be put to death’

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Mother of slain Vermont resident Stacey Wilson wants convicted murderer Shorn Samuel to face the gallows.{{more}}

On Wednesday at the High Court in Kingstown, shortly after the verdict was announced, Emelia Nanton told SEARCHLIGHT that she wants Samuel to be hanged. “Shorn should be put to death. If they don’t have anyone to hang him, come check me to do it,” declared Nanton.

The heartbroken mother said it still pains her when she thinks of the vicious way her daughter’s life ended. Wilson, 21, was beheaded by Samuel in broad daylight in front of hundreds of persons at the Leeward Bus Terminal on December 11, 2006.

Reflecting on that tragic day and the increase of crimes in this country, Nanton said that something needs to be done to send a strong message out there to criminals. Nanton said that the way in which her daughter was killed still angers her, and emphasised that she did not deserve such a death. “I know that Shorn is no crazy man. Crazy people don’t do such things. He is in his right frame of mind,” Nanton stated.

Nanton explained that she has not been able to sleep since the case started on Monday. She also said that her youngest son, Jamal, remembers vividly what happened to Wilson and continues to ask: “Where is my sister?” She stated that three-year-old Jamal asks: “Why Shorn kill Stacey? I did love her,” Nanton added.

Even though she is still mending the broken pieces of her shattered soul, Wilson attested to the fact that the Lord has been her rock of strength for the two years since Stacey died. (KW)