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PMC to host One People, One Nation Independence Festival

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On October 24, 2008, in Heritage Square, the People’s Movement For Change (PMC) will host a “One People, One Nation” Independence Festival where, in song, in poetry, in debate and drum talk, our cultural workers will give thanks and pay tribute to our nation. There will also be two presentations that examine the road that we have trodden.{{more}}

What is the balance sheet of the long education revolution that we have been making since 1970? This is the question which featured speaker Simeon Greene will address at the Festival. It is worth the while remembering that in 1979, while 92 students wrote the Cambridge GCE Advanced Level exams, 68 of them (75 per cent) did not pass a single subject. The same result held for Ordinary Level GCE exams. Independence has made a difference, and Greene will show us how and what more we can achieve.

And what about the credit union movement over the years? In 1979, the banks held monies that they would not readily release to poor and working people. Now, a revolution in savings and investment is taking place. Featured speaker Curtis King will unveil for us the transformations that our people have made with the credit unions, and what more lies ahead.

One People, One Nation is the independence call of the PMC to all Vincentians. Come together, look at our successes, examine our challenges and defeats and draw inspiration for the times ahead. The PMC’s Chairman Oscar Allen says that the Independence revolution is far from over; but in the times ahead, we must move as one people, drawing on all our strengths and trusting in one God.