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The Ministry of Tourism will be fighting against the odds to get the Cruise Ship Terminal ready for next week’s opening of the cruise ship season.{{more}}

The terminal was one of many places in Kingstown that was battered by the sea surges that lashed this country yesterday.

Thousands of dollars worth of computers, air conditioning units, other equipment and fixtures are suspected lost as a result of the storm surge associated with Hurricane Omar which is currently bearing down on in the Northern Caribbean.

“We have a cruise ship coming in next week, we will have to work hard to get here ready, we won’t want to turn it back,” said Minister of Tourism Glen Beache, as he helped his staff move computers and other valuables from the offices.

General Manager of the Ports’ Authority Paul Kirby told SEARCHLIGHT that the damage is still being assessed, but confirmed that a small surveillance vessel was lost.

Leslie Grant of the St Vincent Banana Growers Association said that while they have to deal with the loss of computers and damage to forklifts and other equipment, he is thankful that bananas were shipped on Monday.

Make shift stalls along the seaside in the vicinity of the bus terminals in Kingstown also fell victim to the sea’s wrath.

At press time the National Emergency Management Organization was doing a nationwide assessment of the damage.