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Hurricane Omar brings back memories of Lenny

Hurricane Omar brings back memories of Lenny

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Thursday, October 16, 2008: A handful of teachers are gathered outside the government administration building protesting the implementation of the reclassification exercise.{{more}}

Meanwhile, since the wee hours of that morning, sea surges related to Hurricane Omar have been battering the southern and western coastline of St Vincent leaving what is estimated to be thousands of dollars worth of damage including a huge mess at the Cruise Ship Berth.

Flashback nine years to Wednesday, November 17, 1999: Teachers, parents and students of Catholic schools are protesting what they termed to be “second class” treatment meted out to them by the Government. Meanwhile Hurricane Lenny was showing off his wave action, wreaking havoc along the southern and western parts of the coastline, and causing millions of dollars in damage to the then newly constructed Cruise Ship Berth.

Quite a coincidence!