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Ezee Radio to blast off Nov. 1

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With two weeks to go before the new look Ezee Radio is scheduled to hit the airwaves, head of Sales and Marketing of parent body St. Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation Candice Sealy says that plans are going ahead as scheduled.{{more}}

The station, polled as the top easy listening station in the country in September, joined forces with competitor Total FM, and will soon be broadcasting on Total FM’s old band; 100.5.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Sealey said that a number of edges are in the process of being ironed out, but come November 1st, all systems will be go.

Sealy acknowledged that while some programming from Total FM will move to the Dorsetshire Hill studios, programmes which have a similar format to those already on 102.7/91.1 will be left out, and they are still in the process of selecting which programmes will make the cut.

She maintained that the station will maintain a ‘more music less talk’ policy. Therefore, talk shows, such as ‘Round table talk’, will not be on the final programming list as was previously published.

Sealy also indicated that the company was still in the process of selecting extra staff for the station.

The new look, new sound Ezee Radio is expected to reach a wider audience, not only in St. Vincent and the Grenadines but also the Eastern Caribbean and beyond. (JJ)