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Cinerama Theatres closed

Cinerama Theatres closed

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Cinerama Theatres has announced the closure of its cinema at White Chapel, Kingstown, as of Sunday, 12th October, 2008.{{more}}

A statement from management said, “Unfortunately, it has become impossible to continue to operate our business in the present economic climate. Our working expenses, and in particular the cost of electricity, have continued to increase and now far exceed and outstrip our income. In addition, we have had to compete with the bootleg movie industry which the appropriate authorities seem incapable of doing or have neglected to do anything about.

“Cinerama Theatres takes this opportunity to thank its many patrons for their unstinting loyalty over the years. We have enjoyed serving the Vincentian community, and the decision to close has been a difficult one to make. We endeavoured to continue operating for as long as we could, but we could no longer justify remaining in business when we had to take income from other companies to pay the expenses for the cinema.

“We are saddened that we will no longer see you at the movies, but we truly have no choice,” the statement signed by Managing Director Simon Kamara said.