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Ambassadors get ‘role model’ awards in NY

Ambassadors get ‘role model’ awards in NY

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Ambassador to the United States of America, La Celia Prince, was among an illustrious group of persons to receive the 2008 Role Models-Women and Men of Distinction Award from the Caribbean American Centre of New York (CACNY).{{more}}

In an event which took place at the Grand Prospect Hall in New York City on Thursday, 2nd October, Ambassador Prince was publicly recognized as a role model for the youth of New York. Among those honoured also was Vincentian-born Roy Austin, who is also an American citizen and who currently serves as the United States’ Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.

Both Ambassadors Prince and Austin encouraged the youth in attendance at the event to keep their eyes set on their goals and to make good use of opportunities for obtaining a good education. In addressing the audience, Ambassador Prince stated that she had positive influences in her life, starting at home with her parents, as well as at school and at church. “If I appear to you to have done well, then please give the credit to the giants on whose

shoulders I have been able to stand,” she stated. The Ambassador also added that she would not have been able to address the audience in that capacity had it not been for the “faith and trust which Prime Minister Gonsalves and his Government have put in the young people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Ambassador Austin, who spoke of his Vincentian roots while acknowledging with gratitude the opportunities he has had as a U.S. citizen, went on to add that he always tells his friends and colleagues that the St. Vincent Grammar School is the “best secondary school in the entire Caribbean.”

The Caribbean American Centre of New York (CACNY) which was established since 1987 is a non-profit organization whose mission is focused on enhancing the quality of life of immigrants and minorities through community outreach and education programmes, and is also specially geared to reaching at-risk youth. Established since 2005, the CACNY Role Model Men and Women of Distinction Awards serves to expose inner-city youth to positive influences who can mentor them and help shape their future.