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Six selected for Lions South Public Speaking finals

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Six secondary school students across the nation have been selected for the finals of this year’s Lions Club South Cable & Wireless Secondary Schools Public Speaking Competition.{{more}}

They are: Rheanna Browne of the Adelphi Secondary School, Nateesha De Souza representing the Georgetown Secondary, Janelle Gibson – the Girls’ High School, Souann Grant – North Union Secondary, Sarah Jackson of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and Kareem Thompson representing the St. Vincent Grammar School. The reserves are Laverne King of the Dr. J. P. Eustace Memorial Secondary and Arla Edwards of the Mountain View Adventist Academy.

The finalists were chosen from the preliminaries of the competition which ended last week Friday.

Finalists will speak on the main topic:”The realities of world politics could complicate our lives when we associate with nations such as Iran and Venezuela.” Finalists will also speak for five (5) minutes on a topic of their choice and make a two-minute impromptu presentation.

This is the 13th year in which the Lions Club South, in association with Cable & Wireless, is organizing the Secondary Schools’ Public Speaking Competition.

The Finals will take place on Wednesday, October 22nd at the Methodist Church Hall, in Kingstown, from 7. 30 in the evening.