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Law School opens at Frenches House

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Vincentians who have a desire to pursue a career in law, now have the opportunity to do so without leaving these shores, thanks to the initiative of Trinidad and Tobago based K. Beckles and Associates Law Tutors.{{more}}

Last week Thursday, the law school officially opened its doors at Frenches House in Kingstown.

Students of the school will pursue diploma and degree programmes in law through the school, sanctioned by the University of London.

The school began its operations 18 years ago in Central Trinidad and currently has three branches in that country. In 2004, a branch was opened in Barbados.

What started with four students, now boasts over 750 alumni.

Founder of the school, Trinidadian Keith Beckles, while addressing the school’s launch, used the opportunity to warn students and potential students that they must be willing to work hard, and that the challenges that they may face can be conquered through dedication.

“When you embark on a programme like this, we know you have responsibility and commitment, families and your job, but at the end of the day if you are mature and responsible and you know to yourself that you are going to embark on the programme, you must put mechanisms in place to ensure success.”

“Once you have the perseverance, the commitment and the burning desire to change your life, to work acidulously, you can enter the program. And with that level of commitment you can qualify and at times you can move from an occupation to a profession.”

The former Trinidad and Tobago police officer is a practicing attorney, who plies his trade in his native land, Barbados and here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He indicated that outstanding students in the programme may have an opportunity to receive their education free of cost.

“It’s an incentive that we have started in Trinidad and we transposed to Barbados. We have internal exams and those who come first and second, we give you back all your tuition fee.”

Interested persons with a minimum requirement of three O’level subjects, including English can sign up for the program. Apart from Beckles himself, students will be lectured by a number of qualified tutors, including Dr. Linton Lewis and Saboto Caesar. (JJ)