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Intellectual Property Office hosts workshop

Intellectual Property Office hosts workshop

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THE COMMERCE and Intellectual Property Office observed World Intellectual Property Day last week Thursday April 26th.

In commemoration of the day, the office held several activities including a workshop for junior public servants.{{more}}

In an interview with the API, Registrar of the Commerce and Intellectual Property Office Andrea Young said the idea behind having the workshop is to raise awareness among public servants as to how intellectual property is integrated into everyday activities.

Young added that persons from stakeholder ministries such as the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Sports often come into contact with persons who are owners of intellectual property and may not even realize it. She said she is hoping that the workshop will bring greater awareness on the issue of intellectual property.

Activities continue on Friday with a mini exhibition of trademarks registered by Vincentians which will be held under the General Post Office. Activities began on Sunday with an interactive radio programme.

Deputy Registrar Julian Jack meantime noted that innovation and creativity are at the fundamentals of intellectual property which essentially are creations of the mind.

Jack says one of the main aims of celebrating World Intellectual Property day is to heighten awareness of how creations and innovations impact people’s everyday lives.

Activities in celebration of World Intellectual Property day were held under the theme “Encouraging Creativity.”