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Good month for fishermen despite adversities

Good month for fishermen despite adversities

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ALTHOUGH MANY local fishermen may not have access to modern fishing equipment to enable them to stay out to sea for long periods, the past few months can still be considered successful for the fishermen.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for Fisherman’s Month on Friday, Chairman of the Fisherman’s Day Committee, Leonard Charles told the audience that at present the operational cost for fishermen is very high and he is hoping for the day when a reduction on the cost price of fish would be realised.{{more}}

According to Charles, the fishermen will then have the opportunity to acquire better equipment to catch more fish and this will allow them to spend longer hours at sea.

“Measures are in place for our fishermen to have access to better equipment, better boats, which mean better fish and better quality fish at a reduced price,” Charles stated.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Montgomery Daniel told the gathering that as a country we should maintain our exclusive rights to our waters so as to harness and obtain the best economic results.

He highlighted the fact that as a nation we should be able to fish exclusively in our own waters for our own benefit as there are times when other boats have been identified fishing in our waters.

Daniel asked fishermen and other industry stakeholders to reflect seriously on the theme for fisherman’s month, “Fishing rights” and to fully understand the meaning of the slogan for future purposes.

During this month, an entire series of activities is scheduled to take place throughout the country including an exhibition that was held at the Kingstown Fish Market last Friday. Visits are also planned to schools around the island as well as the hosting of two fish nights at Heritage Square on May 18th and 25th.