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Police probing internet fraud

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Local police are hunting the culprits who have tormented the lives of at least two Vincentian women – by falsely implicating them in embarrassing sexual conduct online.

“We will be investigating these reports vigorously with a view of bringing these culprits to justice,” said Superintendent of Police, Artis Davis who revealed the problem during a recent interview.{{more}}

The top police official said that the police have received three “formal complaints” about this and are treating those reports very seriously.

SEARCHLIGHT has learnt about two of the instances of which reference was being made.

In one instance a young lady’s photograph was placed in an email which suggested that she had AIDS and was willing to have sex with anyone because she had “limited time” left.

Meanwhile in another worrying act of fraud, a young woman (who was named) was said, in another email to be featured on a particular pornographic site on the Internet. Her character is lambasted and the email was sent to her closest relatives, friends and even her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend.

Superintendent Davis said that persons found guilty of the dastardly act would feel “the full length of the law.”

He said that the police would be working hard with overseas counterparts to crackdown on this new trend so as to nip it in the bud before it escalates and becomes unmanageable.

The senior police officer said that the police view this as a serious offence which will not be condoned in St Vincent and the Grenadines, hence there will be no hesitation in getting the type of technical help needed so as to trace the source(s) of the disturbing material posted online.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that second young lady has a very good idea who is the source of her distress – a person who has been harassing her for about a year.

The police are wary that such an offence could become a fad – hence the police’s quick action in an effort to stop the existing culprits.