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Landlords discuss crime situation

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Facing the possibility of a pull out by the Kingstown Medical College because of security concerns, the landlords of the medical students have come together in an effort to protect their investments which attract an average total of $400,000 per month in rent.

Following a meeting with police and College officials, 60 persons who provide rental accommodation and other services to students met on Saturday, April 7, to discuss “the current situation based on the perception and the reality of burglaries being committed against students,” a communiqué coming out of the meeting states.{{more}}

The meeting heard remarks from a school official and a senior police officer from the Calliaqua Police Station.

According to the communiqué, the landlords condemned the incidents of crime against the students and expressed their disgust and regret over the state of affairs.

They vowed to work together to do even more to ensure a more secure and stress free environment for all parties.

They also put in gear plans to start an association aimed at establishing and monitoring standards of rental accommodations and services to renters, “particularly in respect of safety and security,” the communiqué’ said.

A meeting will also be sought with government authorities “at the highest level” to discuss the current situation and the effect it is having on the local and national situation and economy.

The landlords also hope to send a delegation to Grenada to meet with the student leaders and college officials to “assure them of measures that are being put in place by landlords and the government to ensure the safety and security of the students.”

In his letter to the landlords sent from the University’s headquarters in Bay Shore New York, Chancellor Charles R Modica stated: “Crime control is a community effort; each and every citizen within a community must take responsibility. If the community at large – law-abiding, moral and upright people – do nothing as a few bad people commit more and more crimes, then the community at large will suffer as more tourists will choose other islands, and students a more peaceful environment in which to study.”

Chancellor Modica laid the gauntlet down, suggesting that if things continue as they are, “the long and fruitful relationship between the University and the entire St Vincent community will be threatened.”

He said that the class that is currently completing the 4th term is scheduled to come to the Kingstown Medical College in August but they are already asking university officials to allow them to stay in Grenada instead.

He said that their requests are being seriously considered.

About 50 students have already opted to leave St Vincent before the completion of their programme here because of security concerns. They left the island earlier this week.