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SVG National Trust holds annual general meeting

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On Thursday, March 29, the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) National Trust held its first annual general meeting (AGM) since its return to Non Governmental Organization (NGO) status over a year ago.

The AGM began a 7:30 p.m. with the singing of the National Anthem followed by prayers. After the welcoming remarks, Kathy Martin, Chair of the Board of Directors delivered the annual report.{{more}} Martin gave an overview of the Trust’s activities and achievements for the past year and made an appeal to Trust members to recruit new members to ensure the sustainability of the Trust.

Arian Barnwell, Honorary Treasurer and Board Member gave her report and told the meeting that this would be her last report in that capacity as she will be concentrating on building her newly opened Accounting Firm, V.A. Barnwell and Associates.

During her report, Deputy Chair and head of the Legal committee Louise Mitchell-Joseph said that her committee has been able to draft an amendment to the Trust act which is being looked at by the Attorney General and will soon become law, giving the Trust the power to declare National Heritage sites. Stiff penalties will be given to offenders who deface or remove petroglyphs or other nationally decreed treasures under the act Mitchell-Joseph said.

Deidre Myers reported on behalf of the Built Heritage and Architectural committee, while Decima Hamilton reported for the Educational Outreach Committee. Chris Dotterill gave the Museum and Cataloging Committee’s report and Fitzgerald Providence reported for the Natural History Committee. Martin gave the Archeological Committee’s report.

Governor-General Sir Federick Ballantyne was appointed patron of the Trust last year; he also serves as a trustee along with Christian Martin, Maurice Edwards, and Mitchell-Joseph of a Trust Fund that was recently set up.

The National Trust was set up by an act of Parliament in 1969 but became dormant for several years. Upon taking up office in 2001, the ULP Administration appointed a Board to run the Trust. Last year a new Board was elected.

Adrian Codogan Chaired the AGM.