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Pastor: Evil spirit fighting down woman

Pastor: Evil spirit fighting down woman

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An evil spirit from the devil has been fighting down the 31-year-old Mount Grenan woman, who up to press time was fighting for her life- this is after she attempted to kill herself last Tuesday by drinking a poisonous substance.

This is the view of her pastor, Venol Walters of the Upper Room Victory Church, who told SEARCHLIGHT that he is saddened by the turn of events in the life of Rosanette Thomas.{{more}}

Pastor Walters said that over the last 10 or so years he and the membership of his church had tried their best to keep Rosanette grounded in the faith. He is convinced that her inconsistency – which opened the door for spiritual attacks may have led her down the self destructive path that she chose.

“Whenever Rose (Rosanette) is in church and being faithful she is alright, whenever she backslides and go her own way, her life is tormented,” Pastor Walters told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said that the church has been unmovable in its commitment to her in every way possible, even in the times when she wanted nothing to do with church.

A couple weeks ago, Pastor Walters recalled, Rosanette told him that the devil was telling her to kill herself.

“We laid hands on her and prayed, as we always did in the past, but the problem is that she always goes back out of the church,” explained Pastor Walters.

Last year Rosanette left home at around carnival time and no one could find her. The father of her young child even had to take the baby away.

This is the type of behaviour, Pastor Walters told SEARCHLIGHT, that made Rosanette the subject of many prayer services at the church; as they beseeched the Lord desperately on her behalf – they hoped that the cycle of spiritual inconsistency could be broken.

Rosanette also suffered the pain of the death of a child. Her baby boy, just two years old died last year.

Pastor Walters, whose ministry is located in Hadley’s Village, with a membership of about 50, said that last Monday night he dreamt that he was hugging Rosanette and someone came with a measuring tape, and was measuring her.

At press time he was however hoping that God would spare her life so that she could honour him with her all, this time.