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Franklyn wins Digicel Valentine’s promotion

Franklyn wins Digicel Valentine’s promotion


Mobile service provider, Digicel has made telling time more stylish for Ruth Franklyn of Georgetown.

Franklyn won a pair of his and her’s Tissot watches from Columbian Emerald after revealing why her darling companion, Joseph Lord was the ultimate sweetheart in Digicel’s “Share Your Love Story” Valentines special.{{more}}

Each day leading up to Valentines Day callers phoned into Nice Radio from 2pm-3pm to share their love stories but it was Franklyn’s narrative that was most captivating. The mother of four who is a seamstress revealed how she first met Lord when he helped her purchase some lumber and they exchanged Digicel phone numbers so that she could to give him a call to refund him and she confessed that the romance never stopped from there.

Franklyn also pointed out how Lord stuck by her side even after she became physically disabled from some medication prescribed by a doctor and how he flew to her bedside at the hospital during one scenario after she had broken her arm from falling into a river.

Although Lord is now working and residing in the neighbouring island of St Lucia, Franklyn said that there love is still strong and the watches would be “able to connect them through time whether they are near or far.”

Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche who presented the luxury Tissot watches from Colombian Emeralds at Franklyn’s home at Georgetown on Thursday February 15, said that this was Digicel’s way of ensuring that customers “expect more and get more” since Digicel was not just about getting mobile handsets but was also about getting prizes that they would be able to cherish.