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Chavez pokes fun at energy saving bulb rumours

Chavez pokes fun at energy saving bulb rumours


President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has denied rumours that there are listening devices and cameras in the energy efficient light bulbs that are being distributed throughout the country.

Chavez sarcastically made comments that he and Cuba’s President Fidel Castro took apart the bulbs and implanted each bulb with these spying devices.{{more}}

He teased, “It was not an easy task, Fidel and I put a camera in each bulb, it wasn’t easy! Excuse me Fidel I had to reveal this secret. Do you really think Fidel has been ill all these months?”

He cynically went on, “No, he has been working day and night putting the cameras in each light bulb. It has been created by Raul Castro and the camera has been introduced inside the middle of the bulb and it is invisible on top of that.”

On a serious note, he however pointed out that capitalism was not concerned about the incandescent bulbs which he said destroys the environment by producing more heat. The Venezuelan President said that St Vincent and the Grenadines was spearheading “an energy efficient revolution”

He concluded, “The aim of the project is to install some 50 million light bulbs and so far we have 30 million installed throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.”