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Lynch: DPP not independent

Lynch: DPP not independent


The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is upset over Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman’s ruling in the sedition case against Ordan Graham, and has therefore ordered that a drafted three-year contract be reduced to two years.

This was the charge leveled by New Democratic Party (NDP) spokesman Elwardo Lynch last week at a protest rally at Sion Hill.{{more}}

He said that in addition to the reduced contract term, Churaman has not even been guaranteed the two years but may be dealt with on a monthly basis due to budgetary constraints.

Lynch, who has become the voice of the NDP was in his element as he further stated that Sharon Morris-Cummings was relieved of her post as President of the Family Court because she is married to Senator Daniel Cummings.

“Because she is the wife of Daniel Cummings who happens to be a thorn in the side of Ralph Gonsalves and this government, they kick her out,” Lynch said.

Lynch said that the DPP should not take orders from anyone including the Prime Minister, Judges or the Commissioner of Police, but DPP Colin Williams has not been following those guidelines.

“Our DPP is not independent; our DPP according to a senior lawyer in this country, QC Carlyle Dougan, is now an advisor to the Prime Minister,” he said