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Petit Bordel family now homeless

Petit Bordel family now homeless


A Petit Bordel family lost all their worldly possessions in a fire that consumed their home around 9 p.m. last Saturday.

Isaac “High Priest” Louie 41, Pahicy “Iona” Hendrickson 31 and four of their five children, presently staying at a family home are appealing for help in putting their lives back together.{{more}}

Fourteen-year-old Kennard told SEARCHLIGHT that he was sitting in the living room while his three younger siblings and two cousins were asleep, when he saw a strange glow coming from the bedroom. He went to see what had happened and found the bed on fire so he woke the others and they ran outside.

“I tried to throw water but the fire spread real fast and within a minute the whole house was on fire”, he further stated.

The Troumaca Ontario Secondary student does not see himself as a hero and said that he only did what had to be done.

Louie who farms for a living told SEARCHLIGHT, ” I went to visit my father and on my way there, somebody called out ‘Priest yo house on fire’, I ran as fast as I could but couldn’t save a thing”. He said that his first priority is to see his children outfitted to go back to school.

The wooden two room structure apparently caught fire when the kerosene lantern used as lighting in the house exploded, the young mother told SEARCHLIGHT. “We know it was an accident “, she said.