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Youth missing after surfing incident

Youth missing after surfing incident


While most persons were celebrating over the Christmas season, for Shearina Frank and other villagers of the Georgetown community, a cloud of darkness weighed heavy over them as they mourned the loss of one of their own – Delroy ‘Yaba’ Woods.

Frank told Searchlight that the 24-year-old resident went surfing at Mt Young beach with his friend Liston George around 5 pm on Sunday December 17 and on his way back to the shore he began having difficulties with the surfing board and asked his friend, who was already out of the water, for help.{{more}}

Without hesitation, Liston immediately went back into the water to assist him but was pushed back by a strong wave. He then asked for others ashore to help him rescue Yaba but before they could react the young man vanished from sight under another wave.

AB Francis of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard told SEARCHLIGHT that after four days the search was called off.

“It happened so sudden and shocking that it leaves a dead feeling in the community,” Frank said.

Steve “Stev-I” Johnson, a close friend of Delroy, described him as a handy and faithful person, on whom one could rely to get anything done.

“I just want the public out there to know that drugs did not kill Yaba,” a distressed Frank said.