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Digicel offering $150,000 ‘Key To Your Fortune’ grand prize

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From now until January 3, 2007 Digicel mobile phone users would be able to win a grand prize of $150,000 in their promotion dubbed “Digicel is the Key To Your Fortune.”

Public Relations Manager Jerry George explained that each time their customers top up on their phones, they would find a letter on their Flex Cards or Electronic Vouchers, which must eventually spell D-I-G-I-C-E-L.{{more}}

George said if the mobile phone users get all seven letters and completely spell the word D-I-G-I-C-E-L they would win $1,000 and a key, which gives them the opportunity to qualify for the $150,000 grand prize.

He however noted that all Post Paid customers who do not use Flex Cards or Vouchers must pay their bills “on time” and this will automatically qualify them entry for the promotion.

The Public Relations Manager stated that only 10 customers would each win $1,000 and a key but only one would have the right key that would unlock the treasure chest which could bring them a fortune for the new year. Marketing Director of the Eastern Caribbean, Errol McGlothan would bring a lot of excitement as Christmas draws near. He empahsised that Christmas is a time for giving and the company was proud to give money that could help transform a customer’s life.

Weekly cash prizes of $500. would also be given randomly to customers who top up their phones or pay their bills on time.