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Sir Louis to keep tabs on fisheries Co-operative

Sir Louis to keep tabs on fisheries Co-operative

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Sir Louis Straker, parliamentary representative for Central Leeward is planning to keep a close tab on the newly formed Barrouallie Fisheries Development Cooperative.

It would not be in his capacity as Deputy Prime Minister or as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, but as a member of the cooperative which is housed in the new $2 million fisheries building which was provided by the Government of Japan.{{more}}

Sir Louis urged residents to join the movement and asked them to set aside prejudices, misconceptions, or bad experiences of the past and to work together for a successful cooperative.

“Come to meetings and ask about the money … it is not just for some people,” he added.

He also thanked the Japanese for the $2 million spent to construct the Fisheries Building.

Switching to his role as a parliamentarian, Sir Louis promised a new building for drying Black Fish saying that he wanted to improve the current conditions in order to comply with international standards.

To the fishermen, Sir Louis urged them to invest their earnings sensibly.

Saturday evening’s event was a culmination of two days of activities, spearheaded by Japanese Volunteer Mariko Sakuma. She is attached to the Fisheries Division and is based in Barrouallie.

Saturday evening’s programme heard from Tetsuta Okada, coordinator of the Japanese Volunteers, who expressed satisfaction with the start of the cooperative, and said he looked forward to greater interaction between members so that the community can reap significant benefits.

“Help the cooperative,” Okada stated, “you are the key person to activate the cooperative,” he told every individual present.

Japanese culture was also on display and coordinator of the two-day event, Mariko Sakuma, said the rationale of the open day was to “let the public become aware of the importance of the sea to the economy, and the fishing industry, as well as the environment”.

President of the newly launched cooperative is Huelin Pierre.

Eleven persons were recognized for their contribution to the fishing industry.