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Pensioner’s Day to be celebrated on Monday

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The National Insurance Services (NIS), would be partnering with a number of businesses to host this year’s Pensioner’s Appreciation Day on Monday October 2.

This year’s event would be held at the Cane Grove Golden Years Activity Centre and organizers are bracing themselves for a spirited community affair involving pensioners and a number of persons from business houses who would be offering their products and services at the centre.{{more}}

From Internet and computer learning to fitness and recreational activities, medical and pharmaceuticals, financing and savings all would be a part of the activities to highlight the services available to the retirees.

According to Executive Director of the NIS, Reginald Thomas, the event would be used to mark the celebration of this year’s International Day of Older persons, while improving the quality of life for the older persons.

“We want to teach older persons how to take care of their general well-being so we are expecting a few more companies to join us on this day to showcase the contributions made so far by our senior citizens, we want to use the occasion to pledge our continued support and quality service to these senior citizens,” Thomas said.

Transportation leaves the NIS Monday at 8 am.