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Jamaican Rastas say thanks to Dr. Gonsalves

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In a “thank you” letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves dated December 5, 2005, the Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community in Ethiopia has expressed its heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude for his visit to the Rastafarian community in Shashemane.

The Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community also said that as a result of talks between Prime Ministers Dr. Gonsalves and Meles Zenawi there have been positive signals originating from the Ethiopia government, with regard to the community’s development.{{more}}

They also reiterated their support for the establishment of an office of the CARICOM in Addis Ababa which also accommodates the Secretariat of the African Union (A.U.).

The Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community strongly believes that such an office would help create an environment where the aspirations of the people in the Diaspora could be dealt with from the highest level.

The Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community also expressed their anticipation of continued support from Prime Minister Gonsalves in advancing the issues pertaining to the people of the Diaspora, as well as the hope that Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves’ zest and wisdom will serve as the catalyst which will galvanise other leaders of the region to follow suit in addressing these profound and fundamental issues.

The Prime Minister, along with four Rastafarian brethren and other government officials, visited Ethiopia in October of 2005.