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Botanic Gardens hits 240

Botanic Gardens hits 240

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The Botanic Gardens, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, celebrates its 240th anniversary this year. In keeping with this important milestone, a birthday party for the gardens was hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture on Sunday August 21 at the Botanic Gardens.{{more}}

Addressing the small group of persons gathered for the occasion, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Renee Baptiste urged citizens to do their part to preserve the Gardens. She expressed her disappointment in the way some persons treat the historic landmark with disrespect, and gave as examples persons who leave their litter behind after picnicking, and others who allow their dogs to “off load” indiscriminately.

Continuing, the representative for West Kingstown pledged her Ministry’s commitment the ensuring the longevity of the Gardens, and disclosed that the Ministry had developed a 10 year plan for the Gardens’ development. The plan includes projects designed to revitalize the Gardens.

A ceremony to honour workers who have had more than 10 years of service was to have been held yesterday. The General Employees Co-operative Credit Union was also up for special mention because of their strong partnership with the Gardens over the years, and their work in preserving its heritage.

The anniversary celebration, which forms part of the national Emancipation month celebrations, also included addresses by the Director of National Parks, Nigel Weekes. The vote of thanks was given by Parks Manager, Andrew Wilson.

The pleasant Sunday afternoon atmosphere at the gardens was enhanced by performances by Lenell and Rosnelle Snagg, Victor Jobe Junior, Patrice Bascombe, Ken Isles, Avenue Dancers, Tiara Francis, Stubbs Government School and Starlift Steel Orchestra.

The small crowd gathered to witness the celebration included retired agricultural officer, Calvin Nicholls, after whom the Nicholls Wildlife Aviary Complex at the Gardens is named. He too was honoured yesterday as the longest serving member of the Horticultural Society. The aviary is home to the St. Vincent Parrot, the Amazona Guildingii.