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$1.7m. police station opened in Canouan

$1.7m. police station opened in Canouan


A new $1.7 million police station was officially opened last Tuesday in Canouan, capable of housing 19 Police Officers: Six from the Fire Division, four each at Immigration and Special Services Unit, and five regular members of the constabulary. The two-storey structure also contains a radio control room.

That is a far cry from what obtained as recently as 2001, when working on the Southern Grenadine Island of Canouan used to be a nightmare for police officers. Not that bandits or criminals made life difficult for them. But because, according to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, conditions under which the Police lived were “deplorable.” {{more}}

It took a visit by Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Senator Edwin Snagg to uncover the nature of the officers’ plight.

The Prime Minister even promised support for the officers if they opted to strike. But the security men were more patriotic and would have been satisfied, as long as the situation was rectified.

Immediate steps were taken, and new facilities were provided. They were provided accommodation in a rented hotel apartment.

The new station affords prisoners some sense of dignity as well, as there are two cells each equipped with toilet facilities. But that will be a place where most citizens will not want to inhabit.

Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves pointed out that the new station was the “most outstanding building ever put down by a government in Canouan.”

National Security Minister Sir Vincent Beache praised the Canouan Construction Association (CCA) for their “professionalism” in completing the venture “in time and within budget.”

The Security Minister alluded to three computer workstations in the new building which he indicated would assist officers with training.

Sir Vincent pointed out that criminals were using sophisticated methods to carry out crime, hence the officers need to upgrade.

Sir Vincent urged residents to cooperate with the police to reduce crime.

“You have to assist the Police,” Sir Vincent pointed out, and he emphasised that it was not a “one way street.”

“If you see something suspicious, don’t be afraid to call the Police, or call me or the Commissioner of Police,” Sir Vincent said.

Area representative Terrance Ollivierre traced the Police’s role in community affairs. He acknowledged the difficult task faced by police officers, and underlined the need for “proper community policing.”

Senator Edwin Snagg highlighted the progress that had taken place since the Unity Labour Party’s administration of which he is a part, assumed the reins of power.

For Snagg, the opening of the Police station marked a “sense of accomplishment.”

A number of persons witnessed the ceremony staged on the street in front of the building not far from the main wharf on the islet.