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Six year old dies in marine mishap

Six year old dies in marine mishap


There is a level of uncertainty surrounding the death of six year old Damian Keil. His body was recovered in shallow waters on the Central Leeward Town of Layou last week Thursday, August 11. Kiel is son of Monique Butler, an unemployed woman of cane Garden, overlooking Kingstown.

Damien, a grade Two student of the C.W Prescod Primary School, was spending time with a lady in Layou. {{more}}

According to his mother, “Like somebody push him.” Damien will be buried today Friday.

Circumstances around his death remain unclear, and provided reasons for Butler to speculate on the causes of his death. For her part, she was not pleased with the level of supervision her son received. He was reported missing around 8:45 pm the previous day, and the body was the following morning at 6:30.