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Homeowners get land deal

Homeowners get land deal


Persons in North Leeward have come in for some savings. That came on the price they have to pay for land on which their houses are built. {{more}}

The average cost for land is $3.50 per square foot, but plots were sold at fifty cents per square foot. Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves calculates that persons saved $15,000, in some instances, while others saved $17,000 for their house plots. In addition, some 20 of the 134 persons who received letters last Tuesday did not have to pay at all.

Those who paid for their houses in 1972 received recognition for their commitment. That was spelt out by Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves in his address. Nine of the persons are from Coulls Hill, six from Charles Village and five from Fitz Hughes.