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Students get Cable & Wireless scholarships

Students get Cable & Wireless scholarships


Marketing Manager, Nathaniel Mc Felia has encouraged Cable & Wireless C&W, scholarship recipients to pursue excellence.

The five new students who received scholarships were, Mikhail Slater, Zawdi Daniel, Basia Bailey, Dimitri Joslyn and Kavir Gaymes. {{more}}

The newly appointed marketing man congratulated the students for passing the Common Entrance Examination in what he described as very respectable placements.

Chief Executive Daryl Jackson stressed that the development of young people was vital to C&W and maintaining a high standard was crucial to success.

Five students received scholarships from Cable & Wireless on Thursday, July 28 at the Professional Secretarial Services conference room. The tele-communications company has been providing scholarships to students entering secondary school for over 20 years and presently there are 28 students who are receiving assistance at a cost of $42, 000 a year to the company.