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Fitzpatrick, Beache vie for South Windward nod

Fitzpatrick, Beache vie for South Windward nod


The constituency of South Windward will be under the spotlight this weekend.

Come tomorrow, the Unity Labour Party (ULP) South Windward Constituency Conference will be held to determine who will be the candidate for South Windward in the upcoming General Elections.{{more}}

Senator Glen Beache and Chairman of the Unity Labour Party, Robert “Robbie” Fitzpatrick will vie for the position. The one who emerges as the winner will go forward to the Party central executive for adoption as the selected candidate to replace Sir Vincent Beache, the father of the young senator.

In an interview with the SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Fitzpatrick, who hails from Biabou, shared his vision for the constituency.

He said his dream for South Windward is to act on the Government’s mega projects, such as the International Airport to be built at Argyle and the National Stadium at Diamond, and to have the constituency develop as a multi-centre with new hotels, housing, shopping centres, sports tourism new services, fishing and surfing, along with better agriculture and education. He sees this as bringing more people to look for work and careers in South Windward as it enjoys full employment.

Fitzpatrick, who has been involved in politics since the 1970s, said he will address the basic human needs of his constituents and develop the roads in areas such as Bonhomme, Carapan, and Akers, if he gets the nod tomorrow.

He said he intends to increase agricultural production in the constituency.

The former teacher said he is very community oriented and holds more than 30 years of community experience which, he noted, will make him a solid, committed, and effective Parliamentary Representative, staying on the ground and looking after the needs of the constituency.

Fitzpatrick, who holds a Master’s Degree in Community Economic Development, contested the South Windward seat in 1979 on the United People’s Movement (UPM) ticket.

He said he was named in 1994 the St.Vincent Labour Party candidate for South Windward, but gave way to Sir Vincent Beache as the caretaker for the constituency, with the merger of the St.Vincent Labour Party and the Movement for National Unity.

Fitzpatrick is married to Ingrid Fitzpatrick and is the father of four children.

Meanwhile on Saturday, July 15, the New Democratic Party (NDP) launched Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews as their candidate for the North Leeward constituency to contest the next General Elections with a massive rally held at the Chateaubelair Playing Field.