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Five veteran nursing Sisters honoured

Five veteran nursing Sisters honoured


Five retired nurses have been honoured by the New York based Vincentian Nurses Association. The honouring came at a gala dinner at Government House which saw Sisters Victoria Alexander, Cordice Sprott, Felicia Ballah, Mavis Maul and Pearline Charles being paid respect to by their younger counterparts.{{more}}

The honourees all sang praises to the Vincentian nurses in New York for appreciating them and reminded that nursing was a profession they all loved despite some of the difficulties experienced in their time.

But the US based nurses, many of whom had migrated to the U.S. more than 30 years ago, said that they were only paying back a debt owed to their homeland for the training received. The New York-based organisation also donated $500 to the St. Vincent School of Nursing.

The event also had its lighter moments, such as a fashion show with models showing off nurses’ uniforms of yesteryear.