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Bollers: Teach youth dynamics of business

Bollers: Teach youth dynamics of business


Martin Bollers, President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce has advised that young people are being provided with an opportunity to learn the principles and dynamics of business and how to survive in a competitive business environment as part of the Junior Achievement programme.{{more}}

Addressing a graduation ceremony of the Junior Achievement Programme recently, he noted that was the reason the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber would continue to avail its resources to this body.

As he emphazised the Chamber’s link with what he called the fastest growing economic education organization in the world, Bollers pinpointed the Junior Achievement as one of the various

means by which students can make a positive contribution to the economic development of the


“We do this by preparing a cadre of highly skilled, disciplined, adaptable and creative young people to supply the labour requirement of our industries. Also we are moulding the minds of young people to rise to

the challenge of becoming corporate business executives of their enterprise activities,” said Bollers.

Also speaking at the ceremony Minister of Education Clayton Burgin said he had the greatest respect for programmes such as the Junior Achievement which enable the youth to realise their true potential.

Since its introduction to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Junior Achievement has impacted on the lives of over 300 secondary school students and over 600 students from the primary schools.

Burgin said as Minister of Education he is pleased with this development and hopes to see the

number of schools participating in the programme double from 30 participating schools by next year.

Among the awardees, the Georgetown Secondary School was awarded the company with the highest team spirit.

The St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua’s Evolutions was named the Most Improved Company while Technex Promotions was the Most Likely to Succeed in Business.

Young Entrepreneurs Achieving Heights took the award for Top Sales; Andrea Soleyn of Underground Promotions was named Executive Officer of the Year while FBI Future Business Investors copped the Best Year End Report.

Other awardees were Melissa Durrant of SWAT, Achiever of the Year and Future Business Investors (FBI) the Company of the Year.

Miss SVG Casynella Ollivierre, who is a past Junior Achiever and has worked as a counselor was named Role Model of the Year.

She later went on to capture the prestigious Miss Carival title on Friday, July 1.