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Omark not giving up

Omark not giving up

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Omark Andrews will be focusing on his secondary education. He placed fifth for Boys and 12 overall at this year’s Common Entrance examination.

A 12 year old from the North Union district, Omark had grades of 88 General Paper, 86 for Maths, and 75 English.{{more}}

Son of Gayle Andrews, and Wendell Toney, Omark has been a stalwart of New Grounds school. He enjoys reading and echoed a feeling of pride with his performance. “I feel elated and very glad,” Omark said.

His advice to other youngsters is: “make sure study hard. Make sacrifices to achieve what you want.”

He confessed to abandoning television porgrammes in order to keep up with his studies.

“Never give up. Keep working,” Omark added.

He enjoys playing games.