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Nude body of woman found at Park Hill

Nude body of woman found at Park Hill


Less than two months after a 77-year-old woman was raped and killed in Kingstown, another elderly woman has suffered a similar fate.

Last Wednesday, just before 1 a.m the nude body of 75-year-old Mamit Mathias was discovered face down in a river at Dr. Smith, Park Hill.{{more}}

It is believed that she was also raped.

Mamit’s granddaughter Sherina Mathias said Mamit would usually go to the river to bathe and Tuesday afternoon was no exception.

The elderly woman lived with her grandson Travis Mathias. Usually, Travis would arrive home by 7p.m but on Tuesday he decided to hang out at a nearby shop and never got home until 12a.m.

Sherina said that after calling out to his grandmother and not receiving a response, Travis alerted relatives and neighbours who got worried and launched a search.

Minutes after the search began, the Mathias family was confronted by their worst nightmare. Mamit’s lifeless body was found in the river.

“They went by the gutter, the first thing they saw was the hat that was on her head. Then, when they go up some more they saw her clothes on a stone. When they go up some more they saw her in a hole lying with a big stone on her head and another on her chest,” Therese Mathias, Mamit’s grieving daughter said.

“She was raped. She was badly raped and she was there lying down in the water naked,” Therese said.

Mamit was the mother of nine children.

It was a sad twist of fate. Seven years ago, the body of Christabel Mathias the sister of the murdered woman, was discovered murdered in a similar fashion. Her body was found in a banana field not too far from where that of Mamit was found on Wednesday of this week. To this day the murder remains unsolved.

Relatives said Christabel had left home to fetch her animals. She was killed on December 7, 1997, one day after she had celebrated her 65th birthday.

Therese Mathias said she hopes that this time around the police would bring someone to justice.

Mamit Mathias’ murder brings to mind the horrid May 13, 2005 murder of Dorsie Neptune of Beverly Hills, Rockies.

The blind woman was raped and killed.

Dougal Roberts of Murray’s Village was taken into custody and charged for Neptune’s murder.

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