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Karib Cable offering “Pay As You Go” viewing

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The brand new “PAY AS YOU WATCH” token system became the newest service provided by Karib Cable this week.

Karib Cable launched the system on Monday, June 20, which enables customers to enjoy all box packages without any commitment or monthly billing.

Marketing Manager, Justin John, has announced that this system works just like a prepaid cell phone, in that one pays only for the minutes they wish to use.{{more}}

“If you do not watch any box channels, then there is no charge and tokens roll over to the next month and never expire,” John disclosed.

John pointed out, the Pay as you Watch system is never before seen in the Caribbean and is exclusive to Karib Cable.

He added, it will revolutionize the way vincentians watch television since they have “no contracts, no commitment and no extra costs on monthly billings”.

Customers no longer have to pay monthly subscription for packages on the box. All channels on the box are available in the offer including Sports, Family, Movie and Entertainment.

John has expressed it is simple. All customers have to do is pay a fully refundable deposit of $50 to obtain a decoder. This deposit is only necessary if customers do not already subscribe to a box package. Then they have all the viewing hours they wish at their fingertips for only $5.

“You will receive 180 minutes of view time to use on any box channel at any time. If four tokens are purchased for $20 you will receive an extra token compliments of Karib Cable, which will entitle you to over 15 hours of quality view time,” he explained.

Customers can activate their minutes by simply pressing two buttons on the remote. When they wish to stop their minutes, simply change the channel and the balance will remain until the next time a customer wish to view.

John disclosed that customers have total control over which channels they wish to view. He said by using this plan all channels are made accessible until minutes are used up as opposed to just one package so customers have a wide range of channels to suit all preferences.

Apart from the general public, John said the hotel industry can benefit tremendously from this new system. They can offer their customers the option of additional cable channels without having to incur a monthly cost for the channels offered in the box packages when it is not being utilized.

Karib Cable is also in the process of equipping its customers with a “master and slave” system which will allow customers who have more than one cable ready television in their home or business to have all these tvs hooked to the box packages at one flat rate.

No longer would customers have to pay per decoder in your home.