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Price cut on Light Bills


VINLEC has announced a price cut on its contentious fuel surcharge rate.

The cut amounts to EC 4.51 cents per unit of the fuel surcharge rate. And there is anticipation that the electricity bills for homeowners and businesspersons will show a downward trend. {{more}}

This record drop comes one week after assuring comments from Customer Service Manager, Steve Wyllie, spoke to Searchlight on the issue.

Information from the utility company shows fuel surcharge figures for this month being reduced from 31.21 to 26.70 cents per unit.

A Searchlight article last week anticipated a possible reduction in electricity rates after heavy showers boosted reservoir levels around the country.

According to the VINLEC statement, the reduction in fuel surcharge rate was attributed to two main factors. “Firstly, a minor decrease in the average cost of fuel to the company; and secondly, with increasing rainfall, VINLEC has been able to increase its reliance on its hydro plants.”

This follows last week’s comments from Wyllie, who explained that the company was hoping to see an increased hydro contribution, which will in

fact cut fuel surcharge rates.