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Orange Hill man plucked at early age

Orange Hill man plucked at early age

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A young man of Orange Hill has died after succumbing to several chop wounds across his body.

On Friday, June 10, 22-year-old Rohan Cato, the son of Eileen Cato and Erton Cyrus received chop wounds to his neck, back, and face. Reports claim the incident stemmed from the chopping up of a shoe. {{more}}

A 17-year-old labourer of Orange Hill, Iran James, was arrested and charged on Tuesday for the murder of Rohan. He appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Reports are that Rohan had just left the public bath and was heading towards his home when he was ambushed.

“He got some real wicked chops. I only saw the one below his nose. I didn’t have the strength to watch the rest of the chops,” said Vanessa Cato, an elder sibling.

Vanessa said she was at a neighbour sheltering rain when a little boy came and told her to come and see if she could stop the blood from her brother’s wounds.

Shortly after going to her brother’s aid Vanessa said he was rushed to the hospital where he died on the way.

“This a real shocking experience. This is the first time something

like this is happening

in Orange Hill and to see it happen to my brother it’s painful,” Vanessa sighed.

Shanna Cato, another sister said the news was broken to her by a relative.

“Lolo said if yuh see a big chop. If you see meat,” Shanna recalled, explaining she wished everything was a dream.

Rohan will be buried on Sunday. He is remembered as a funny person who always loved to give jokes.

Eileen Cato, Rohan’s mother said she was in Kingstown working when she received the call about her son’s death.

“I did not believe until I go down to the mortary and see for myself,” said Eileen who expressed that she was feeling very sad about the incident. Rohan was the last of Eileen’s six children.

A post mortem examination conducted on the body of the deceased revealed that he died as a result of a chop wound to the neck.

Rohan will be buried on Sunday.