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New ticketing system for errant motorists


“Something needs to be done to regulate the way our drivers use the road.” This is the view of Minister of National Security Sir Vincent Beache. Sir Vincent was at the time speaking on a Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Amendment Bill in Parliament on Wednesday,

June 8.{{more}}

According to the minister, this amendment seeks to provide the mechanism for the implementation of a ticketing system. “By this I mean….rather than crowding the courts you can issue parking tickets if persons are caught speeding over the limit,” Sir Vincent said.

Although the legislation was brought to the house in 2000 it was never implemented. However the Minister said that the time had come for the legislation to be imposed because of “the carelessness of some drivers.” He said “the roads are getting clogged every year, but whilst it is good that people can afford to have reasonable transportation, in a small island like SVG, it creates problems of traffic-jams, parking, and nuisance with noise.

Apart from the ticketing from the ticketing system, Sir Vincent said there is a problem where persons will park in areas designated for government workers workers without consideration for others. The solutions to that is to implement a clamping system which according the Minister, the Commissioner of Police who is the licensing authority can release the clamp after the offender pays a fee.

The Minister further stated that if a person is parked wrongfully or caught speeding, a ticket will be issued to them to be paid within 21 days. If the ticket is not paid within that time, it will go to the magistrate who will issue a summons and according to Minister Beache that person will have to go to court.