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First Caribbean looking for unsung heroes

First Caribbean looking for unsung heroes

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First Caribbean International Bank is again looking for unsung heroes across the Caribbean.

And, according to local project coordinator Gillian O’Garro, these persons “share one trait in common, they make positive things happen to others. They are enablers and they stand out within their community as a result, but are otherwise unknown to the wider public.”{{more}} O’Garro was at the time addressing a media launch of the Unsung Heroes programme at the bank’s Halifax Street office on Thursday June 9.

Country Manager, Earl Crichton said that the program is the bank’s way of doing its part in nurturing our Caribbean societies. “We in the First Caribbean family are keenly aware that to nurture our societies, we must recognize and encourage the good people around us to continue with their good works. We are committed to honouring our own,” he said.

Local nominations will be screened by a six-person committee whose members are, Robert Haydock, Norma Keizer, Rosita Snagg and three members of staff of First Caribbean International Bank, Keisha Derrick, Aliethea Jackson and Gillian O’Garro.

A local finalist will be selected and submitted to the regional committee. Nurse Margaret Juan of Belize was First Caribbean’s 2004 Regional Unsung Hero. Aunty Lucy Miguel of St. Vincent and William Shagoury of Jamaica were runners-up.

The deadline for submitting nominations is July 29.