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Bequia house gets number

Bequia house gets number

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The Post Office in Bequia has no trouble delivering the mail, even though none of the 3,000 homes on the island have numbers – and few have names – because the postal staff pretty much know every one of the island’s 4,500 inhabitants and where they live.

From this week, though, the island now has one home with a number.{{more}}

A beautiful three-bedroom bungalow on the beach in Lower Bay, Bequia, the holiday home of retired World Entertainment News Network founder, chairman, and editor-in-chief Jonathan Ashby, has become 64 Lower Bay, Bequia – courtesy of Digicel, sponsors of the West Indies Cricket team.

Undaunted by the team’s poor performance of late, enviromental recycling %enthusiast Jonathan, 54, decided to put the 6 and 4 hand posters he and others in the crowd at the recent one-day match between Pakistan and the West Indies in St Vincent were given – to wave for the TV cameras every time the teams made runs – to better, long term use, by attaching them to the outside of his home.

“When I go into a utility company to pay a bill or the bank to fill in a transaction form, I now put my address as 64 Lower Bay, Bequia, even though there is no 63 or 65 or, for that matter, a number one,” Jonathan explains.

“It began as a joke, but so many people commented on its effectiveness, so I decided to keep the numbers up outside the bungalow – and I’m notifying the post office here in Bequia to this effect.

“It might make it easier for them to either deliver or hold on to my mail whenever I have to go back to London.”

Jonathan, who spent 18 years as an international entertainment news radio correspondent for the American Broadcasting Corporation and 10 years as an entertainment news columnist and reporter for British national newspapers like The Sun, The Mail, The Mirror, The Express,

The People and the News Of The World, is also an accomplished

photographer and spent the day at the cricket match in St. Vincent photographing the activities going on outside the stadium as well as on the inside.