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Hanging dangerously

Hanging dangerously

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A Rose Hall resident has been expressing concern about the progress of road works which has left his family home in a precarious position.

Julian O’Garro, a teacher by profession has been living for the past five years along the path earmarked for contruction of Phase One of the Crosss Country Road. {{more}}

Excavation by the firm Franco Construction below O’Garro’s property has left the house hanging dangerously near a newly created precipice. The man has been up in arms about the continued construction and has been making his feelings known in no uncertain terms.

Some signs, placed around the disputed area give vent to O’Garrow’s concerns although he has put the matter in the hands of a lawyer.

Now, with the start of the rains associated with the hurricane season, this issue must be causing increased anxiety for the O’Garrow family.