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Classrooms without walls

Classrooms  without walls

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Adelphi Secondary School has received a gift of 10 concrete and wooden benches considered of inestimable value to staff and students.

This came, thanks to a project conceived by Principal Iris Mounsey, and fully funded by the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) at a cost of EC$6500.00. The wooden seats are made of greenheart wood and are able to withstand the stresses of heat and rain.{{more}}

The principal and staff expressed their gratefulness to the N.L.A for coming to their aid in this enterprise.

Mounsey noted that the 10 seats allowed for, not only better recreational opportunities, but an improvement in facilities for teaching.

The Adelphi Secondary School is still among the unfortunate schools that still hold classes in a small open auditorium, with only the token blackboards to separate the different forms.